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Our Resilience toolkit

Thanks for clicking and taking a look. This page will give you a sneak peek into the resilience toolkit and how it becomes indispensable in Being Resilient.

Think of this as your wellbeing guide to your mental gym.

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Our We Are Being Resilient Toolkit

In our signature program workshop, we divide the day into the 6 segments of our hot air balloon model: Being Growth Minded, Connected, Okay Not to Be Okay, Present, Uplifted, and finally Forward Thinking - in each section we give a little bit of theory, then walk the delegates through the toolkit so that they know how to take them away and practically use them. There are numerous breakouts and discussions as they work together as well as

having time for self reflection.

Each delegate works their way through this mental wellbeing manual and decides for themselves what they will focus on by using this simple personal planner.

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Our toolkit journal is packed with 36 different 

tools like this one here which helps with the common phenomenon of impostor syndrome.

It is easy to navigate across the 6 segments in the book, and there are worksheets to follow, journal pages to make your notes. This is a living and breathing tool to use long after you have left the workshop.

It isn't what you learn that makes the difference....

It's what you do about it.

This toolkit doesn't gather dust on the goes with you everywhere!

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