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Why Resilience?

Find out why mental fitness and resilience is so important for your people and how our program and toolkit will give them all they need to stay on top of their game

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What's the problem?

With one in four people in the UK being diagnosed with a mental health illness in a year, we are facing a huge problem.

Little wonder too, with the expectations and pace of modern life, struggles to balance work and life, a cost of living crisis, and the pressures of expectation in the workplace.

Why should I act?

There is a huge cost to employers in the UK due to mental health illness (estimated £5bn p.a. - HSE), and taking proactive measures is cheaper in the long run, as well as more effective at engaging your employees.

Not only that, it is simply a case of doing the right thing.

A Supportive Hug

How we view Resilience

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At We Are Being, we use a simple analogy to think about resilience to life's ups and downs (literally!)

Imagine a hot air balloon gliding over a landscape. The more air between you and the obstacles on the ground - the trees, the buildings, the mountains - the less they bother you.

But if your air is low, then you find yourself dragging through these hazards, so that they really bring you down.

Your resilience is the height at which you glide. So how do you keep putting air into your balloon, to keep you resilient to life's worries and problems.

Our Solution

Our We Are Being Resilient workshop delivers a multitude of skills, habits and behaviours which keep the mind mentally fit and positive.

A full day workshop with six modules  and 35 different tools, all delivered in a forever toolkit manual  and journal which delegates can take with them anywhere!

With such variety, this is a mind-opening program and there is something for every individual taste.

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Who we have worked with and what they have said

Do it and engage in the learning and don't underestimate how much this can help you in life and work
Gary and Alan were very friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging. The materials were excellent and I learnt a lot 
One of the best training courses I have done. It will give you clear and simple tools to improve yourself
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Great practical tools, well delivered that are simple to apply and will use the handbook and tools both in my personal life and professional life 
Go with an open mind, be vulnerable and embrace the richness of the conversations.
So many tips and tricks that can help you, not just professionally but personally too 
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